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Shoreham Beach Residents' Association - Minutes of meeting

April 2nd, 2020 – cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus Lockdown. All updates agreed and circulated via email.

Attendance; all committee members updated via email.
Approval of March minutes. Approved via email.

Matters Arising:

Joss received an update from SECAmb following the issue in Ferry Road, confirming that correct procedures had been followed.

Joss has since written to traders in Ferry Road, reminding them of access arrangements.

Beach News & Website:

Beach News was distributed from March 20. All copies included an insert advising of the support arrangements, provided by SBRA in partnership with the Church of the Good Shepherd, during the Covid-19 crisis. Joss and the Rev Jane Bartlett's contact details were included. Details of the support scheme – plus ADC's mechanisms – have also been widely circulated via social media and via SBRA's electronic database.

Press coverage for the Beach support scheme was also secured in the Shoreham Herald.

Joss has offered sincere thanks to John Bradshaw, who organised the distribution in record time. Special thanks also to Joyce Willson, for organising printing of the slips, and to all distributors.

Social Report: Supplied by Social Secretary, Joyce Willson, via email.

For a Social Secretary, this is a hard time as we are all struggling not to be "social". I have contacted everyone who had signed up for the afternoon tea and those who have signed for this year's Parliament trip. Of course, these are both cancelled.

You will notice they are both still advertised in the Beach News, they were written in January! My aim is to put both events back on the calendar as soon as it is safe to do so.

Financial Report.

Balance, supplied by Treasurer Julia Watts via email, stands at £16,561. A transaction report will be included next month as some cheques have yet to clear.

Sub-committee reports:

Planning - Maureen Ashley provided a report via email and said she had put all planning applications reviewed since the March meeting on to a spreadsheet.

As the sub-committee is unable to meet, members will discuss and agree via email the responses, if any, to be uploaded on to the ADC planning portal.

Cllr Joss Loader's report:

Joss reported via email as follows:

Lockdown: Joss and the assistant curate, the Rev Jane Bartlett, are running a Covid-19 response group to provide help with shopping, prescriptions etc. This is being organised in partnership with ADC, who are providing support for vulnerable residents. Tim Loughton has been made aware and is providing information via his website. A number of volunteers have also come forward from the Beach community.

Compass Travel has suspended the number 19 service on the Beach during the lockdown. In conjunction with Cllr Kevin Boram and Leader of ADC, Cllr Neil Parkin, Joss has made representations on behalf of residents. A temporary shuttle service, running on Monday and Thursday, has now been introduced linking the Beach with the town and the Holmbush Centre.

Joss has received a large number of enquiries and complaints during lockdown. This is ongoing and she continues to work with the Police, WSCC and ADC. These relate to social distancing, access to narrow paths and footways, cycling on the boardwalk and issues on the footbridge.

Food bank: Joss is running an appeal with Shoreham Food bank, supported by the church and local resident David Calderbank. This is ongoing.

Keep your distance Joss has organised for a number of social distancing posters to be printed and distributed. Thanks to Joyce for printing and laminating and Bob Toon and David Calderbank for help with distribution. ADC has also painted signage on pavements at beach entrances.

Boardwalk: This is now open between Beach Green and Ferry Road. There has been damage to the boards near Winterton Way. These have been reported to ADC.

Ramp at Soldier's Point: A meeting to discuss the way forward was postponed, due to lockdown. Joss continues to work with SPA and the EA to try to find a solution.

Boxpark's plans for Beach Green: There is no further update. A report, due to go to the council's JOSC on March 19th, will go to a later committee, once the meeting cycle recommences.

Any other business

Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum's community engagement lead, Tony Wallington, gave the following update.

The Forum confirms that ADC Planning is working on the 2nd Designation of the Forum after its first 5 year term expired in November, 2019. A reference to this should now be showing on the website and the consultation is open.

We have been informed by Locality - the Government body responsible for all aspects of neighbourhood planning - that all forum referenda [the final public opportunity to vote for or against a neighbourhood plan] have now been postponed until May 2021 due to the COVID-19 emergency. This advice was issued during the first "lockdown", so that May date could extend further now we are in the second three-week lockdown.

Locality have also advised: "... As five years is a long time and the make-up of your area may have changed considerably [residents & employers leaving, and new ones coming in etc], it is important that you invite new members to join the forum, so that the forum membership stays truly reflective of the neighbourhood area."

The Forum Committee will always encourage current, or newly arrived, residents to look at our website to peruse the plan and hopefully to sign up [free] to get involved with the forum as we enter its final stages. The Forum committee will always welcome members' ideas about the current plan or aspects they feel haven't been considered. There is still time.

Next meeting – Scheduled for May 7th.

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