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Shoreham Beach Residents' Association - Minutes of meeting

June 4th, 2020 – cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus Lockdown. All updates agreed and dirculated via email.

Attendance: all committee members circulated via email.
Approval of May minutes: Approved via email.

Matters Arising: All updates are covered under Cllr Joss Loader's councillors' report and under AOB.

Beach News and website:

Work has started to revamp the SBRA website. Work is ongoing on the new site should be live by the end of the month.
Joyce has contacted advertisers and offered them discounted advertising rates for the Summer issue of Beach News. There has been a good response to date. The magazine will have a commemorative theme, chronicling how residents and organisations have coped during the pandemic.

Social Report: Supplied by Social Secretary, Joyce Willson, via email.

While these unsociable times continue, there is nothing to report so this section will be suspended until things change.

Financial Report: Balance, supplied by Treasurer Julia Watts via email, stands at £16,099 and £15.66 in cash.

Sub-committee reports:

Planning: ADC has now resumed its cycle of planning committee meetings and these will be held remotely, via the virtual platform Zoom. As the Beach representative on the Planning committee, Joss attended on May 13th.

Maureen Ashley provided a report via email, detailing all planning applications reviewed since the May meeting.

As the sub-committee is unable to meet, members will discuss and agree via email the responses, if any, to be uploaded on to the ADC planning portal.

Additionally, Maureen reported that the application for 8 Collingwood Court has now gone to appeal to the Secretary of State, following ADC's refusal.

Other updates as follows:
The telecoms tower application (0309) was refused.
The remodelling of 1 South Beach was passed by the planning committee
160 Old Fort - ongoing glazing issued, refused.

Cllr Joss Loader's report: Joss reported via email as follows:

Lockdown: Joss and the assistant curate, the Rev Jane Bartlett, continue to run a Covid-19 response group, to provide help with shopping, prescriptions etc. The number of requests for help has reduced - neighbours, friends and relatives are doing a sterling job offering support in the community.

Joss continues to receive unprecedented levels of enquiries during lockdown. This is ongoing and she continues to work with the Police, WSCC and ADC. These relate to social distancing, access to narrow paths and footways, cycling on the boardwalk and issues on the footbridge.

Boardwalk: The Police have advised that they cannot patrol the boardwalk on a regular basis. Joss is continuing discussions with ADC to hopefully step up awareness about the no-cycling mesage. A social media campaign is ongoing.

Cycling: The SBRA committee has written to Cllr Kevin Boram and the WSCC Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, Cllr Roger Elkins, regarding the need for safe cycling spaces across the district.

Litter and rubbish:There have been unprecedented and sustained high levels of visitors to the Beach during the periods of warm weather. Joss has twice asked ADC to put out extra bins at all beach entrances. ADC agreed the request on both occasions and temporary 140litre bins are now in place.

Likewise, parking has caused immense problems on warmer days. Joss has worked closely with county councillor Kevin Boram to ensure that wardens were on the Beach daily. Joss and Kevin have requested and received parking statistics to see exactly when and where tickets were issued. Suggestions have been made to speed up the ticketing process.

Travellers arrived at Adur Rec on the last Wednesday in May and were there for nearly a week. Joss liaised with ADC and residents. ADC is to be congratulated for the comprehensive clear-up exercise after the travellers left on June 3rd.

Neighbourhood Forum re-designation: SBRA has made representations regarding the redesignation of the Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum. The forum - which operates indepedently of SBRA - is responsible for preparing a Neighbourhood Plan but is currently seeking re-designation after its initial five years. A final decision regarding re-designation will be made by the Council's Joint Strategic Committee, hopefully next month.

Motorhomes/occupied vehicles continue to cause problems in the off- road parking area in Harbour Way. Joss is liaising with WSCC and county councillor Kevin Boram. Tim Loughton MP is now involved.

Food bank: Joss has organised a series of appeals with Shoreham Food bank, supported by the church, Emerald Quay and local resident David Calderbank. This is ongoing and has prompted a phenomenal response - believed to be the largest provided by any non-commercial organisation. The next Beach-wide collection is scheduled for Thursday, June 11th.

Boxpark's plans for Beach Green: There is no further update. A report, due to go to the council's JOSC on March 19th is now scheduled for late July, relating to the disposal of publicly owned land.

Outstanding flood defence reinstatement/compensation claims. There are still a number of outstanding issues resulting from the Adur Tidal Walls Project. Joss continues to work with the EA to try to secure swift resolution for residents.

SBRA planters - Joss has tidied these up and the gaps between the more established plants are now filled with geraniums. The planters will be repainted in the early autumn.

Thanks to Bob and Julia for assisting with watering duties.

Any other business:

Former SBRA councillor, Liza McKinney, reported as follows:
Now that Summer is here parking is becoming dangerous.

I would suggest that now is the time to again remind ADC that there is a serious and potentially dangerous problem with Beach Road, Ferry Road and up to the first roundabout on Old Fort Road - Beach Road and Ferry Road the worst - for emergency access by ambulances and fire trucks.

Clearly with high temperatures Shoreham Beach is now attracting a great deal of outside visitors to Shoreham and parking on the recent two Bank Holidays was appalling. If emergency vehicles had been needed for a disaster on the Beach neither emergency vehicles would have got through through unless enough people were around to help lift cars out of the way which has happened in previous years. I suggest putting up more parking enforcement signs in Old Fort Road. The Council should be encouraging the use of Beach Green and the Bridge Parking areas.

Joss will pass on Liza's comments for action by ADC and Kevin Boram.

Committee member Josh Baxendale provided the following updates regarding his ongoing work with the district-wide cycling consultation

Further to the Sussex Police meeting, if/when cars are driving at excess speed, report it, even if there's not a great deal of detail, using Operation Crackdown. This lets Police build up a picture of issues that are used to allocate resources.

2. Further to our letter to WSCC, it appears they are prioritising Middle Road and Upper/Old Shoreham Road as part of the first range of measures. Obviously disappointing at this time, but that's just the start - more funding is available if this funding is used properly. I will continue to update on measures and push for something on SB.

Next meeting – Scheduled for July 9th

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