Shoreham Beach
Residents' Association

SHOREHAM BEACH RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION - Thursday, September 5th at 7.30pm at the Harbour Club.
The following is a summary of the minutes which were approved by the committee on October 3rd.



Proposer: Julia Watts. Seconder: Joan Moore


Beach News advertising revenues were discussed and suggestions to approach target subscribers.
Maurice Pitchford questioned a lights issue at the Ferry Road Zebra Crossing. July minutes to be amended to include this issue.


BN Editor, Joss Loader, suggested a deadline date for the Beach News 'WINTER' edition as October 10th. The website is up to date.


Social Secretary, Joyce Willson, as representative of the Northbourne Patient Group in the town publicised their "How to Find your Healthier Self" promotion for September 21st-10am til 12 Noon - at Southlands Hospital. All will be welcomed to lectures and assistance from physiotherapists to engage with better health advice and its life enhancing benefits.

Non-SBRA orgaisations' events:
Please note: Joyce always suggests readers refer to these groups' individual websites for up to date information.
Friends of Shoreham Beach
Church of the Good Shepherd
Shoreham Fort:


Julia presented the monthly report. Some BN advertising revenue was outstanding.


Maureen Ashley was absent tonight but advised regarding latest applications by circular to members:

Joss advised the planning meeting for the Boxpark scheme has been postponed until October and already some 300 remarks had been submitted by residents to the ADC's Planning website. She thanked Julia for submitting SBRA's comments.

Residents' objections to the published extension to the Boardwalk from Ferry Road to West Beach raised comment from the meeting.

Levels of SBRA subscriptions were discussed but all tonight's members spoke as one by reassuring that the Association will always endeavour to support any resident with local issues regardless of their subscribing or not.



In his absence, Joss read Dave's report for the months of July & August. He raised the heightened demand on waste collection and parking issues noting some exceptional weather this year. He updated us on the possible reinstatement of BMX area at the rear of Adur Recreation Ground. He and Joss have met with the proposers – no decision has been made or funding secured.

He has instigated the £4500.00 funding from Wates Construction Community Investment that will support Shoreham's Baptist Churches Summer Holiday food programme for lower-income families.

Dave highlighted some issues raised in Maureen's planning report, namely 29 King's Walk and Boxpark.


Joss, as a newly appointed Academy Councillor (governor) of Sir Robert Woodard Academy, advised on various transport issues for Beach pupils attending the Lancing school.

On the Beach:
As Chair of SBRA, Joss attended an on-site meeting for residents at the Sailing Club car park in Harbour Way to discuss issues relating to motor homes. Neighbours and WSCC's Kevin Boram attended. WSCC are progressing.

AirBnB: There have been issues with some large BnB properties on the Beach. These have been passed to ADC.

Three planters situated on the Ropetackle roundabout have been offered to our residents in similar vein to the four already refurbished, re-planted and re-located on the Beach. WSCC to organise transportation on a date to be advised – they will be located in the Harbour Way parking area.

Three yellow tanker vehicles parked in the Beach Green car park were seen exiting from the "enter" point. This was reported by Joss and dealt with by the Council.

The Adur Ferry Bridge's latest woes inlcude damage to the recently re-surfaced central span. Joss has reported.

Defects on the boardwalk were actioned hastily after Joss first reported.

Ormonde Way residents have had their grassy bank sprayed by the Council to eradicate weeds and is thus ready to plant seed, - financed by SBRA – to help prevent parking issues in future.

Emerald Quay slipway remains closed despite an independent survey. EQ is working with the EA to resolve.

Joss mentioned that garages the "Lions" have historically used for storage, rent free, are likely to be subject to hefty rents in future. Joss has flagged the issue to the ADC Executive, on the Lions' behalf.

Sussex Wharf's wall issue is experiencing more delays in settling the matter; Tim Loughton MP offered his assistance once again.

Finally, Joss was very encouraged to report more defibrillators are being installed across the district – Fishersgate [funded by Shoreham Port]; Lancing near Adur Valley Vets off Grinstead Lane; Shadwells Court in Lancing; The Children's Centre in Lancing and Quayside Youth Club. As last year's Chair of ADC, the contiued spread of locations for such vital, life-saving equipment continues in number to her personal credit.


John Bradshaw raised more concerns about cyclists on footpaths on Shoreham Beach.

Joss introduced an idea previously discussed with Tony about establishing a "Junior" SBRA. This would be a long-term exercise to nurture the energy of young Beach residents to consider forming their own "committee" to discuss concerns and ideas for the future of the area in which they live. To be established with SBRA adult guidance, their suggestions could then be taken forward to SBRA's committee for consideration and further development. This concept was received with enthusiasm from members and many ideas flowed for encouraging it. Joss offered to speak with the Academy in Lancing, Shoreham Academy and the Beach Primary School to explore ideas and suggestions. Food for thought!

Tony reported his approach to Sussex Police about constant, late-night speeding issues on Old Fort Road. The frustrating response was to report issues via Operation Crackdown!

Meeting closed at 9.55pm