Shoreham Beach
Residents' Association

SHOREHAM BEACH RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION - The following is a summary of the minutes of the SBRA committee's meeting held on Thursday October 3rd, 2019, at 7.30pm at the Harbour Club



Proposed by John Bradshaw & Seconded by Maurice Pitchford.


Maureen confirmed she had favorable initial talks with Shingle Road School regarding a "junior SBRA". Maureen/Joss will follow-up.


As Editor, Joss advised that advertising receipts are up to date and some fresh advertisers on the horizon. The SBRA website has been updated with all current approved sets of minutes.


Due to family bereavement, Joyce Willson has been unable to report this month. However, we offer the websites of other Beach organisations for reference:


Treasurer Julia Watts reported latest transactions.


PLANNING Maureen Ashley presented a comprehensive and updated listing of planning applications from late Summer to date.

BEACH GREEN TOILET BLOCK UPDATE Joss led a discussion about Boxpark's forthcoming Planning Application – due on October 7th. SBRA's own submission has been submitted to support references safeguards to the possibility of anti-social interference that might emanate from this development particularly noting its juxtaposition with the close residential neighbourhood. Associated issues were discussed.


CLLR. DAVE COLLINS reported as follows:
For the period of 6.9.19 – 2.10.19: Planning: 29, Kings Walk: There has been further activity by immediate neighbours ensuring that the setting out of the building lines for both properties will be built correctly and as agreed at approval stage; the planners are still in the process of confirming this matter as part of the conditions of the approval.

SBRA Committee: I received an email confirming that I am indeed a member of the SBRA and look forward to receiving a copy of all meetings and agendas as due process in the future. I did indeed note your invitation to attend SBRA committee meetings at any time in the future.

Boxpark Development Ltd – Planning Application No: AWDM/1135/19: At the future Planning meeting to be held on 7.10.19, I will be declaring an interest. This will mean that I will not take part in the debate or vote and will leave the room for the duration of the application.

Prior to making this decision, I had a meeting with Democratic Services & senior lawyers of the Council outlining my involvement as a resident; as an SBRA committee member; as Chair of the neighbourhood Forum and the Emerging Neighbourhood Plan and as a Marine Ward Councillor. They agreed that there would be a perception of bias.

I also want to confirm that contained in the Planners report [some 52 pages] that on pages 40 & 41 are the comments of Beach Residents Association which broadly welcomes the redevelopment but offers suggestions and comments imposed regarding the application. Having read this 52 page report, in my opinion, all of your matters will be satisfied and I, as a member of the Planning Committee, would have had no hesitation in supporting the officers' recommendations for approval subject to the conditions imposed in the recommendation if I had not registered an interest.

Grazing Land South of the Flyover – Planning Application No AWDM/1953/16: At the planning meeting held on 9.9.19, the above application was discussed at length. This is the second time this application has been refused and, no doubt, the developers will need to think seriously about an appeal.

Forum Meeting – 25.9.19: The position of Vice Chair will become vacant at a future AGM. Vice Chair, Tony Wallington, will report separately to tonight's meeting.

Shoreham-by-Sea Bike Park [BMX Track] Joss updated the meeting that this is purely conceptual at the moment as no funding has been secured.

TONY WALLINGTON: Forum update:
Tony confirmed a committee meeting was held on 24.9.19. Three Officers and our Consultant attended. The main points discussed:

An apology has been sent to members relating to insufficient notice offered for a planned AGM.

ADC planning have returned the Forum's Plan Version 4 with advised corrections and advices to be acted upon.

The 5 year limit for the Forum is fast approaching and will soon "time-out". To finish the Forum's work, a redesignation will be sought: an official appeal application is required.

Funding for future commitments is a continuous concern to officers to complete this work. Discussed.

Vice-Chair offered his resignation – to confirmed at the next AGM. Tony W has volunteered to take up Community Engagement that he will commence immediately.

The meeting considered the Boxpark Beach Green Toilet application. The Forum's constitution disallows it from commenting on any planning applications. The developer has responded to and applied the Forum's draft Design Code principles.

Joss commented on Cllr Collin's acknowledgement of her recent email relating to SBRA's committee meetings.

Emerald Quay's launching ramp remains closed pending resurfacing by the EA.

Joss advised that signage left over from the Tidal Walls scheme operations has now been removed by EA from the Sailing Clubs premises at her request but some large cones remain. She's again requested their removal.

The recent changes to the Council's refuse bin collections has presented some serious confusion amongst the Community, particularly the sizeable 'communal' units used by large blocks of flats but Joss is encouaraging all residents to consider the Council's "bin audits" to discover how and what to recycle; a well-worthwhile and free service that she has used and personally and urges residents to consider. The audits are available upon request to the Council.

As a recently appointed Academy Councillor (governor) of Sir Robert Woodward Academy in Sompting, she became involved with some trying issues with the Academy's new "bussing system" and the contentious route that was being taken. A more efficient route for Beach students has been suggested and hopefully improvements will result.

Shingle Replenishment works will commence removal work on October 14th – preparatory works on 11th October - taking from the Western Harbour Wall to infill the de-nuded beach at Southwick. The contractor is Penfold Verral and lorry movements from 7.30am – 5.30pm on weekdays only; all the loads will be sheeted for security from flying pebbles!

In Ormonde Way, sections of the grass bank have now been sprayed by ADC and awaits re-seeding at a later date; the intention is to deter cars from degrading the green bank to make illegal access to the A259 and poor parking.

There was a siting - and reference on Shoreham Facebook - of a rogue quadbike rider using the boardwalk at the Easterly end recently. The Council is adamant that it was NOT any othe their operatives nor was it Beach Wardens from Worthing. Future sitings shold be reported: the boardwalk is not designed for such heavy machinery nor bicycles! Photographs would be welcomed if taken by residents.

The Council's plans to extend the boardwalk West from Ferry Road to West Beach will proceed.

The Adur Ferry Bridge's surface is awaiting further surface repairs.

Finally, Joss was made aware by some residents that the recent Rowing Regatta and Beach Dreams coincided on the same weekend this year. ADC has confirmed this won't happen again.


Pat Hand reported that on a recent charity walk a lady slipped and fell badly near the Widewater beach-huts. Quite unable to stand she had to lay prone in pouring rain for at least an hour befor the Ambulance arrived.

Tony asked what the arrangements are for the flood gates to be shut – following the recent combination of a high tide coinciding with inclement weather. It was confirmed that the Environment Agency has a positive action plan for this event and ADC also has a key-holder, living nearby.

With no other business to discuss, the Meeting was decalred closed by the Chair at 9.45pm.


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