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Shoreham Beach Residents' Association - Minutes of meeting

May 7th, 2020 – cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus Lockdown. All updates agreed and circulated via email.

Attendance; all committee members circulated via email.
Approval of April minutes. Approved via email.

Matters Arising. All updates are covered under Cllr Joss Loader's councillors' report.

Beach News and website;

Sally Sinclair has now started work to revamp the SBRA website (as agreed some months ago by the committee).

The next issue of Beach News has been pushed back by a couple of weeks, to allow time for more clarity regarding the easing of Lockdown. The scheduled publication date is now July 19th.

Advertising revenue is likely to be substantially reduced so we will offer discounted advertising rates to regular advertisers. The publication will be reduced to 32 pages to reduce production costs.

Bob Toon has made a very generous donation of £1k to SBRA funds to help fund Covid-19 costs. Very sincere thanks to Bob. If necessary, part of this donation will be used to subside the cost of producing Beach News.

Social Report: Supplied by Social Secretary, Joyce Willson, via email.

My input into the social needs of Shoreham Beach residents has been nil this month, of course, so I want to use my slot to thank others. I believe communication is the most important element of being social so many, many thanks to Joss for ensuring communication to residents has continued so effectively and to her, and her team, for reaching out and with contact and practical help for those needing help with provisions.

Financial Report. Balance, supplied by Treasurer Julia Watts via email, stands at £16,140.38. A transaction report is attached to these minutes.

Sub-committee reports:

Planning - ADC has now resumed its cycle of planning committee meetings and these will be held remotely, via the virtual platform Zoom. As the Beach representative on the Planning committee, Joss was due to attend the next meeting on May 13th.

Maureen Ashley provided a report via email and attached a spreadsheet, detailing all planning applications reviewed since the April meeting. As the sub-committee is unable to meet, members will discuss and agree via email the responses, if any, to be uploaded on to the ADC planning portal.

Additionally, Maureen reported that the application for 8 Collingwood Court has now gone to appeal to the Secretary of State, following ADC's refusal.

Cllr Joss Loader's report: Joss reported via email as follows:

Lockdown: Joss and the assistant curate, the Rev Jane Bartlett, continue to run a Covid-19 response group, to provide help with shopping, prescriptions etc. This is being organised in partnership with ADC, who are providing support for vulnerable residents. Tim Loughton has been made aware and is providing information via his website. A number of volunteers have also come forward from the Beach community.

Joss continues to receive enquiries and complaints during lockdown. This is ongoing and she continues to work with the Police, WSCC and ADC. These relate to social distancing, access to narrow paths and footways, cycling on the boardwalk and issues on the footbridge.

Motorhomes/occupied vehicles continue to cause problems in the off- road parking area in Harbour Way. Joss is liaising with WSCC and county councillor Kevin Boram.

Food bank: Joss has organised a series of appeals with Shoreham Food bank, supported by the church, Emerald Quay and local resident David Calderbank. This is ongoing and has prompted a phenomenal response - believed to be the largest provided by any non-commercial organisation. Sincere thanks to all involved.

Boardwalk: This is now open between Beach Green and Ferry Road and there. There has been damage to the boards near Winterton Way. These have been reported and repaired. Cycling continues to be an ongoing issue. All signage has been reviewed.

Ramp at Soldier's Point: Joss has been in touch with the EA but no solution to date.

Boxpark's plans for Beach Green: There is no further update. A report, due to go to the council's JOSC on March 19th has yet to go to JOSC. It will hopefully be presented remotely, later this Summer.

Outstanding flood defence reinstatement/compensation claims. There are still a number of outstanding issues resulting from the Adur Tidal Walls Project. Joss continues to work with the EA to try to secure swift resolution for residents.

SBRA planters - These have been weeded and will be replanted shortly. Some plants have established themselves - including the sea thrift - and these will remain.

William Earl's 105th birthday - Working with Liz Coward, his family and other residents, Joss helped to co-ordinate William's birthday celebrations, including collecting over 200 cards in total. Joss presented William with champagne on behalf of the community.

Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum - The consultation phase for the proposed re-designation closes on Friday, May 22nd. SBRA is in the process of agreeing its representations.

Any other business

Tony Wallington reported that the Forum is sending out a written update to stakeholders. This is is due to complete by May 18th.

Josh Baxendale provided an update on the recent cycling consultation exercise, as follows:

"Revisions to Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

We recently had an online meeting of the Adur And Worthing Cycling and Walking Action Group. It was our first meeting this year, and focused on the public feedback that was gathered on the draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan at the end of 2019 - led by the Brighton-based consultant that is working for the councils.

The main points to me seemed to be:
There was a very good number of consultation responses, particularly in Adur.

In Adur, most comments were supportive, or were asking for additions to the plan The councils and consultants really do seem to be listening to public feedback.

The three most popular requests for prioritisation mirrored those suggested by Shoreham-By-Cycle: A259, Middle Road, Upper Shoreham Road.

Middle Road received such a huge volume of opinions, that it's being 'promoted' and judged of real potential importance. Options include the creation of what's termed 'low traffic neighbourhood' status. In short, this means a wealth of traffic reduction measures, instead of a simple cycle-lane-based solution.

There's a possibility of adding better measures for Shoreham Beach - (Likely specifically looking at our area for better traffic calming to reduce volume and speed of traffic)

We've nearly finished gathering responses to our survey. Interim highlights are here:

Two main themes:
People are currently cycling more, but are worried about space and distancing People value the lack of traffic that makes cycling possible, showing that when conditions make it possible the demand for cycling is there. On the first point, we are supportive of this national campaign by Cycling UK, and depending on final survey results, may approach councillors about taking measures to free up more space for walking and biking in areas where it's needed."

Next meeting – Scheduled for June 4th

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