Shoreham Beach
Residents' Association

Sea Breakers

SBRA was set up in 1955 to safeguard the development and rebuilding of Shoreham Beach after most properties were pulled down during the War years.

Since as far back as 1957, Shoreham Beach has returned Independent Councillors, sponsored by the Association. Their first concern has been to put the Beach's interests first, before the rest of the former Shoreham Urban District Council and Adur District Council (formed during local government reorganisation in 1974).

Our councillors have always been highly respected by Adur and at least three have been Chairman of the Council and others have held the position of Vice-Chairman.

One of SBRA's primary aims has been to keep an eye on planning control and the development on the Beach. The Committee use the subscriptions collected to ensure residents can be properly represented at public enquiries, paying for legal counsel when necessary.

Pioneer Aggregates were one of the first organisations who were interested in a building plot on the Beach in 1980. When this occurred Committee members went to every house on the Beach asking for donations in order to help fight their plans; this was well supported by Beach residents. The appeal was won and the costs paid by the other party. At a public meeting it was agreed that SBRA should keep the money collected in order to fight future causes. Since then, SBRA has continued to fight for local residents - most recently with the proposal asking for a phone mast at the west end of the Beach.